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Holiday Collection

Snowy Night

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Your holiday gifts will shine bright in Snowy Night Swathes that you can use again and again with family & friends. Holidays are made up of all the traditions that connect our past, present, & future – this year create a new & sustainable tradition for the next generation of gift wrapping with reusable fabric gift wraps from Swathe.


*Select BUNDLE & save; you'll get all 3 sizes of the pattern at a discounted price*

Small 10x10 inches
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Mason jars
  • Candles
Medium 18x18 inches
  • Most Popular Size
  • Multiple books
  • Boxes up to 9x6x4 inches
Large 30x30 inches
  • Shoe boxes (even boots)
  • Up to 3 shirt boxes
  • Large toys

Product Details

○ Handmade with love in every stitch
○ Made of 100% TENCEL, fibers made with eco-friendly materials & processes
○ Everything needed to wrap included - no scissors, tape or extra supplies required
○ Each Swathe comes with a bow & 3 customizable Swathe gift tags

How to Wrap

♥ Wrapping with Swathe is quick & simple!
1. Place gift
2. Wrap shorter ribbon
3. Wrap longer ribbon
4. Present with love
♥ Want a visual?
Check out how to wrap with Swathe