• Minimal & Plastic Free Packaging...

    And it's a promise! Swathes come to you in 100% recycled & recyclable EcoEnclose mailers. NO extra packaging & NO plastic so you can feel good about your purchase & how it got to you!

  • Eco-Friendly Materials ✔

    We know how a product is made matters to YOU so Swathe has got you (& your gifts;) covered with sustainably-sourced, upcycled & recycled materials. Every Swathe has LOVE & sustainability sewn into every stitch!

  • Wrapping Made Simple

    Swathes are so easy to use – even those who consider themselves ‘not great wrappers’ can wrap in a flash. In four easy steps, NO scissors or tape needed, you’ll have a beautifully wrapped gift IN a gift to a healthier planet.

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