How To Wrap with Swathe

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♥ Learn HOW TO WRAP in less than two minutes
♥ REVERSIBLE Swathes PRO Tip: how to simple ribbon twist
♥ PRO Tip: wrapping a large gift

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  • 1. Place Gift

    Place gift in center of fabric square at a 90° angle to the edges.

  • 2. Wrap Shorter Ribbon

    Wrap shorter ribbon around narrow width of the gift & attach clip.

  • 3. Wrap Longer Ribbon

    Tuck opposite corner, wrap long ribbon, & attach clip.

  • 4. Present with Love

    Attach bow & present with love!

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Wrapping has never been easier - with Swathe there are no supplies or expertise needed!
So leave that tape & scissors in the drawer,
and join us in creating a new & sustainable tradition
for the next generation of gift wrapping.

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