ABOUT the founder

Swathe is a family business & was truly inspired by our unique family! As a foster parent, you are prepared for your family & life to change overnight in many unexpected ways. But these sudden changes can open your eyes to so many things you never noticed before.

That’s exactly what happened to my husband and I a few years ago. All of a sudden, we had two amazing children to celebrate the holidays with, and true to form we found ourselves looking at a hidden mountain of presents to wrap in the basement. As someone who is always armed with a reusable bag, metal straws, & to-go coffee mugs, I knew we could get creative to find a way to wrap all these presents and make a magical holiday experience for the kids but without making so much waste....

So I dug through our linen closet to find some old sheets we rarely used, cut them up, and tied them together with ribbons & bows. These firsts attempts were not nearly as beautiful & form-fitting as Swathes now, but it worked! Our present opening was as special as the presents inside those sheets.

And a tradition was born. To me, the fabric of a family is their traditions. Even as our family changed, part of our celebratory norms from then on included saving and folding up our fabric wrapping at the end of the opening spree instead of filling up garbage bags with waste. The kids would help, which let’s be honest sometimes just looked more like tossing them at me rather than folding, but that was all part of the fun.

Our kids are always watching us; little messages seeping in when we are least expecting it. I’m so proud that our family is inspiring the next generation with an alternative, sustainable way to wrap gifts that’s healthier for our planet and as intentional as the present itself. And I hope you’ll join our Swathe family!

♥ With love,

  • ♥ the amazing woman who taught me to sew ♥

  • ♥ my inspiration & design support ♥

  • ♥ my furry little helpers ♥

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