The word SWATHE means “to wrap” and we add “with love”

At Swathe, we want the presentation to be just as intentional as the present.

We believe wrapping should be part of the gift to cherish, not the waste to throw away. Seeing the garbage bags full of wrapping paper after celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or any milestone – we knew there had to be another way to wrap.

And that’s how Swathe was unwrapped!

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I set up shop in my bedroom with one sewing machine, countless fabric swatches, and a passion to create. I had been making reusable fabric gift wrap for my immediate family for years, but in 2020 amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, I was inspired to transform this work of love into something more. The first official Swathe made was for my friend’s birthday and then quickly expanded to making Swathes for my entire extended family to wrap Christmas presents. It was a true sign that we were creating a new wrapping tradition among friends and family. We either use the Swathes again and again or give them as part of the gift.

Gift giving offers an opportunity to reflect on time: the past, the present and the future.
♥ Looking back, honor the origins of gift wrapping with cloth by using something just as timeless with a Swathe.
♥ With a beautiful and simple design, swathe your gift with a loving intention and a conscious attention in the present moment.
♥ By sharing and reusing, show your commitment to a healthier planet and inspire the future generation of gift giving.