Treasures We Love to Swathe with Love ♥ J.Riley

We are extremely excited to share our next treasure we love to wrap (and wear;) with love from the amazing J.Riley ♥

Here are a few reasons why we love J.Riley...
  • J.Riley was founded by a local Milwaukee craftswoman, Jamila Riley, who is a gifted crochet designer. You will fall in love with her fun & colorful earrings, necklaces, scarves, and hats. When you give her pieces as a gift, you will be adding so much light & joy to the lucky recipient's life AND when you treat yourself to something she has created you are guaranteed to smile all day (and believe me I know from experience:).
  • Jamila is co-owner of the Underground Markers Market at the Sherman Phoenix in Milwaukee, which is one of our absolute favorite places to be so you must go spend some time there - you will not be disappointed! The purpose of the makers market is to give the community the opportunity to shop some of their favorite Milwaukee brands while also being an observer of the creative process - and you definitely want to observe this beautiful process!
  • Jamila is an iconic thrifter & stylist - she will inspire you to discover an amazingly fashionable style without contributing to fast fashion & all the waste created when we buy new. Follow her Instagram & get ready to change the way you shop!
  • Finally, Jamila Riley is just an outright fantastic human being & role model for all, so do yourself a favor and get to know her... you're welcome☺

Check it out... J.Riley + Swathe = a match made in maker heaven ♥

J.Riley Classic Specialty Earrings - unwrapped

♥ J.Riley Classic Specialty Earrings

♥ Handmade, beautiful & unique crochet design 

♥ Great gift idea for a friend, loved one, or my fav... for yourself!

Small Swathe (10x10 inches): perfect for wrapping jewelry, candles, wallet/wristlet, t-shirt, or mason jar

Limited Edition Spring Spurts pattern adds joy to any celebration 

♥ Handmade in MKE, with love in every stitch and very easy-to-use 

J.Riley earrings wrapped in small Swathe


Jamila & Elizabeth
J.Riley Earrings J.Riley Mini Rag-A-Muffins
J.Riley Classic Earrings Green - my favs!
J.Riley Rag-A-Muffins J.Riley Classic Specialty Earrings
  Red J.Riley Classic Earrings - brighten even the best day at the MKE Makers Market

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