Mission & Impact

Gift giving is an act of love, so why not make wrapping part of it? 
At Swathe, we want to help you put as much thought and intention
into the wrapping as you do into the selecting of your gifts.
The word SWATHE means “to wrap” and we add “with love”.
When you wrap with Swathe…
~ you create an alternative, sustainable tradition for the next generation of gift wrapping ~
 ~ you give a gift in a gift ~
~ you surround your gift and its recipient with love, intention, and purpose ~


Did you know most wrapping paper can’t be recycled? Honestly, we didn’t either! But the tape, ink, and plastic lining in traditional wrapping paper means most of it is headed to the landfill. And all that glitter can really harm marine mammals, fish, and birds.

Swathe will make your presents shine without all the waste.