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Custom Swathes

Custom Swathes

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Need something super special? Swathe is here to help!

Celebrating a birthday milestone? Showering your bridesmaids with gratitude gifts on your special day? Welcoming a new member to your family? Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll help you wrap your important gifts with as much intention, purpose, and love as you’ll put inside.

  • Note: Swathe creates small custom orders from 1-20 Swathes; allow 2-3 weeks for creation & shipping after details are solidified. Place order and a Swathe designer will be in touch within 24-48 hours.
  • Order more than 5 custom Swathes and get 10% off full custom order (discount applied at checkout)


*Pick BUNDLE & save; you'll get multiple sizes of the selected pattern at a discounted price*

Small 10x10 inches
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Mason jars
  • Candles
  • Onesie, t-shirt, scarf
Medium 18x18 inches
  • Most Popular Size
  • Multiple books
  • Sweater, sweatshirt
  • Boxes up to 9x6x4 inches
Large 30x30 inches
  • Shoe boxes (even boots)
  • Up to 3 shirt boxes
  • Home goods
  • Large toys

NOTE: Swathes are great to wrap soft gifts like clothing - so don't worry about boxing up that t-shirt, sweatshirt or scarf - just wrap it up with love directly into your Swathe.

Product Details

○ Made of RECYCLED & UPCYCLED materials
○ Hand-made with love in every stitch
○ Everything needed to wrap included - no scissors, tape or extra supplies required
○ Each Swathe comes with a bow & 3 customizable Swathe gift tags

How to Wrap

♥ Wrapping with Swathe is quick & simple!
1. Place gift at 90 degree angle on fabric square
2. Wrap shorter ribbon around gift & attach clip
3. Wrap longer ribbon & attach clip
4. Tie bow & present with love
♥ Want a visual?
Check out how to wrap with Swathe