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Royal Blue Eco-HERO

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Add an extra pop of eco-friendly festivity to all your gifts! This beautiful royal blue fabric gift wrap is certain to make your loved ones smile. And when you reuse this Swathe again & again instead of tossing all that wrapping paper you are giving a holiday gift to the Earth too! That's what we call a Swathe Win Win♥.

This blue & white is perfect for Hanukkah and we'll also include a PINK & YELLOW ribbon for bows in your order so these Swathes can easily be reused for so many other celebrations; like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. 

And not only are these royal blue Swathes super versatile, but they are also extremely eco-friendly! The fabric is upcycled excess material from an outstanding children's clothing retailer, Florence Eiseman, who shares our focus on sustainability to create less production waste (teamwork makes the Swathe dreamwork). The ribbon is made from REPREVE fibers, which are created from recycled plastic bottles. So when you wrap with our holiday eco-HEROs, you are giving a gift IN a gift to a healthier planet. 


*Pick BUNDLE & save; you'll get multiple sizes of the selected pattern at a discounted price*

Small 10x10 inches
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Mason jars
  • Candles
  • Onesie, t-shirt, scarf
Medium 18x18 inches
  • Most Popular Size
  • Multiple books
  • Sweater, sweatshirt
  • Boxes up to 9x6x4 inches
Large 30x30 inches
  • Shoe boxes (even boots)
  • Up to 3 shirt boxes
  • Home goods
  • Large toys

NOTE: Swathes are great to wrap soft gifts like clothing - so don't worry about boxing up that t-shirt, sweatshirt or scarf - just wrap it up with love directly into your Swathe.

Product Details

○ Made of RECYCLED & UPCYCLED materials
○ Hand-made with love in every stitch
○ Everything needed to wrap included - no scissors, tape or extra supplies required
○ Each Swathe comes with a bow & 3 customizable Swathe gift tags

How to Wrap

♥ Wrapping with Swathe is quick & simple!
1. Place gift at 90 degree angle on fabric square
2. Wrap shorter ribbon around gift & attach clip
3. Wrap longer ribbon & attach clip
4. Tie bow & present with love
♥ Want a visual?
Check out how to wrap with Swathe